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About Leaf

Hi! I'm Leaf, and I write stories!

I've been posting my writing online for at least four years now and I'd like to expand it out into more of a project rather than a lark. But I need your help! I work full-time, so finding space for writing can be tricky. But you can make it viable to write more! 

For now, this includes as a regular, monthly thing:

  • One average length short story based on a poll-determined idea

You'll get to see anything else I feel like writing too! For clarity's sake, all my stories are going to be free eventually. I want as many people to enjoy my stuff! But subscribing up to this latest endeavour by LeafCo will give you some neato perks!

Other short stories, comments, and even progress made towards longer tales/novels are totally up for discussion too! But for now, I'm keeping expectations reasonable and the workload manageable. I have a few long distance goals in mind, and some ideas on expanded tiers if I get enough interest. If I get some dosh for essentials like candy corn, I'll be less reluctant to spend my free time being a drunken medieval bard for your entertainment! But, deep breaths. Keep it slow, keep things smol.

Anyways! Regardless of what you decide, thanks for dropping by! Not just your patronage, but your attention, your enthusiasm, and your passion for cute stories helps inspire me to make this world just a little bit sweeter, and a lot more sticky. I love y'all.

$185 of $2,000 per month

This is around what I make in a month from my full-time job, meaning I could actually fulfill my responsibilities by turning to writing full time, which is pretty much my life dream.

I can't imagine getting to this point anytime soon, but I'm willing to try! 
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