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About Lea farren Portraits

I'm Lea, I'm 26 and I'm from Spain. I came from the graphic design world and I stayed in photography because it fulfilled my heart and soul. I've been taking pictures since I was very very little, my father was a real photography lover and he transmitted all of this to me.
I'm really interested in portrait but, what gives me the chance to live of photography is fashion, so I'm making e-commerce and campaign photography waiting for my chance to work somewhere taking portraits.
I'm in patreon because I need some help to loan spaces and tools to make my portrait portfolio bigger.
So I really hope you like my work and I will be very very grateful if you decide
to help me growing!

All of my patrons are very welcome to be a character of one of my portraits if they come to madrid!

love, Lea!
$1.26 of $25 per month
This is the price of one hour of studio.
I can't afford this each time I want to take pictures, so I'm really stopping my creativity due to the money.
I will be really happy and grateful if you help me in some way. 
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