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This is the web page and mortal remains of Leaping Larry L, who used to appear on radio shows such as Danger: Low Brow and All Over The Shop, among others. In fact, this is handy, because I’m him, so I happen to be right here.

It’s also the same plonker who used to do those various columns in the sport section of The Age, the ones that were meant to be funny; and, if you’ve got a real good memory, the one about TV ads that used to be in the Green Guide in the same paper.

So what shows up here under that proud masthead, The Leapster’s Bugle, that has resounded across the media industry like tepid thunder lo, these three years or so?

Well, there were basically only two things I was good at – doing stuff on the radio, and writing stuff for that, or for print.

After a few decades, nobody that was paying for that kind of affair wanted to pay me to do it.

So I went after what work I could get.

Then even the stinkier kind of non-media work dried up. You’re bullocking up towards 60 in an unseemly hurry and no bastard wants to touch you, at least for anything involving a pay-cheque. 

(Some of you will know what I mean, and some will find out, some may disagree, and I hope most of you never have the pleasure of surfing that particular wave o' woe, but one way or another we're all rattling around in the same conveyance.

So somewhere in that, I thought, well, there’s one guy left that will pay me to do the only stuff I can do, and seems worth doing – little me, Spencer the Garbageman. Err, Leaping Larry L.

So that’s what I do here. New radio shows, that they call podcasts now. It’s just me on them, but I think there’s a laugh or two, presuming I’m not completely delusional at this point.
(This is potentially something of a sizeable presumption.)

And then I write the text pieces, or columns or articles. Whatever you care to call ’em.

The material’s still satirical. It’s still about anything to do with people, the media, footy, the ‘pages of real life’ as I tend to refer to insane blotches of reality experienced by me on street, in shop, public transport etc.

If you’re here, you probably know the drill.


Just about everything I put up on the page is available for free.

Very little goes up that is only available to paid subscribers. It’s been a couple of years at least since I did that.

However, Leapster’s Bugle works on the rough premise that if you’re dropping by regularly, and you like the podcasts and the text stuff, hopefully you’ll subscribe to the page, for what you feel is fair and affordable.

It’s so I get paid a few bucks for my work, and so I feel motivated to keep doing it.

You can subscribe for as little as $1 US per month - the Patreon site trades in USD – or as much as you want, I guess.

You’re billed monthly. You can bail out at any time, as far as I'm aware. 

Those who haven’t got the bucks but still want to enjoy the stuff, go ahead. That is the specific reason I don’t put material behind a paywall – I don’t want people to miss out who are just short of $$.

That’s about it. If it’s the first time you’ve come here, dig in. There’s plenty of stuff up here by now.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, is a subscriber, or is yet to be one, but might.



(Off-key bugle fanfare sounds; metal bin lid crashes to ground and rolls around noisily on its edge. SFX: Man steps on a duck. The End.)

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My 'goals' here are I do stuff that makes at least one of us laugh, and that's about it.  

I'm so not the right guy for whatever this 'vital' part of the communication process is.

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