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Sutmae bawb!/ Hello everyone! 
Welcome to the Patreon page of the Learn Welsh Podcast - A free online course that teaches the Welsh language.

Who are you?

I'm Jason Shepherd and I've been recording episodes of the Learn Welsh Podcast since 2008. I love teaching the Welsh language and feel passionate about teaching anyone who wants to learn Welsh. I believe in teaching conversational Welsh, so that when you speak to a fluent Welsh speaker, you are easily understood and sound like a natural Welsh speaker. 

Why does the Learn Welsh Podcast need my support? 

I want to create a complete Welsh course, with videos and audio that teaches beginners Welsh and helps people to become confident fluent Welsh speakers. I also think it's important that the learning materials are free for everyone, so there's no barrier to anyone being able to learn Welsh. But because I work full time, I don't have enough spare time to create the podcasts and videos as regularly as I would like. So what I'm asking, is that if you believe in what I'm doing, it would be fantastic if you were able to support me through Patreon. The more people that support me, the more of my working hours I can cut back on and dedicate that time creating language learning podcasts and videos.

Why Patreon?

Patreon is great because if you support me you also get something out of it. By supporting me, you can get:

  • Videos and podcasts before anyone else ($1)
  • Everything from $1 plus an ad-free podcast with extra material ($2)
  • Everything from previous levels plus audio dialogues and a transcript of each dialogue ($4)
  • Everything from previous levels plus extra Audio Lessons and Lesson Transcripts ($5)
  • Everything from previous levels plus Quiz sheets for each lesson which I will personally mark and send you feedback ($10)
  • Everything from previous levels plus a thank you credit on each video ($12)
  • Everything from previous levels plus you can suggest topics for future lessons, ask me questions about Wales, the Welsh people and culture etc and I'll answer the questions in an exclusive video every other month ($15)

What if I can't give?

If you can't afford to support me, that is fine. My videos and podcasts will always be free and there's lots of other ways you can support me, such as subscribing to my YouTube page or writing a fanatasic Podcast review on iTunes. If you do that I probably will blush a little bit. 😊

So if you are able to support me that would be fantastic. Have a look at the list of rewards and pick the one you'd like. Diolch yn fawr iawn/Thank you very much for your help and support. It really means a lot to me.

$144.34 of $200 per month
When I reach £200, I'll teach you how to pronounce the longest place name in  Wales and possibly the world.  You know the one I mean? It starts with Llanfairpwll and ends with gogogoch. 
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