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My gratitude for your support and your name in the credits of future animations.

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About Lechnology

Hey everyone.  I am Lewis, I love LEGO and brickfilm animation.

I also love making CGI brickfilms.  I've uploaded a few CGI brickfilms over the years but not a lot, likely because I'm working or job hunting, or because producing a CGI brickfilm takes time and energy (mostly electricity to power my render farm*).

If you enjoy the animations I make and would like to support me in continuing to make animated videos, consider supporting me here on Patreon.

Your patronage goes to helping me:

  • Pay the electric bill (and gas milk for my car cereal)
  • Upgrade/maintain my render farm*
  • Produce more animated shorts and 360 VR that you want to see.

In return for your patronage, you get:

  • Updates on upcoming projects and you get to provide input for future animations.
  • Advance access to animated shorts (about a month before everyone else does)
  • Advance access to behind-the-scene and bonus content (about a month before everyone else does)
  • And more (I don't know...cat videos maybe?  I'll get back to you)

* A render farm is a group of computers used to render (create) each frame of animation you see in my videos.  Without them, it would take months or years for one computer to produce CGI videos.

I don't plan to post more than two videos per month.  I give you my word that I won't charge you for posting a bunch of videos all at once.  As Patreon users, you have full control of how much you're willing to pledge per month.

Test clips, previews, and update videos will not be counted as animated shorts, although they may be shared as Reward content.

Also, take a look at my milestone goals.  Your support can help me reach those goals.

Thank you for your consideration and even if you're unable to pledge, you can still show your support by liking and sharing my videos and subscribing to my channel.  My YouTube videos will always be free (and ad-free) for all to watch, but Patreon supporters will get early access.

Series ideas

Roto and Treads
A monkey-like robot and a conscious wheel explore a post-apocalyptic world, discovering strange things and getting into mishaps.
$3.60 of $100 per animated video
It takes time to render a 720p resolution video.  Imagine having to render at 1080p, or 4K.  But if this milestone is met and maintained, all future animation I haven't ready started rendering will be made in full HD (1080p).  You guys deserve Full HD and I'll give you Full HD once we reach this milestone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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