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Hi there! My name is Lee Garvin, and I need you to help me create wild and wacky, dark and terrible, weird and woolly worlds. I created Tales From The Floating VagabondControl: The Game of Absolute CorruptionDravakorBadass Zombie Killers, and The Noble Wild. I am also the curator of The Fawndray Trust.

Unfortunately, the past few years have been pretty hard for me: a number of severe health issues and their connected financial problems have effectively removed me from the employment market, completely depleting my savings.

Writing is the thing I love to do most in this world, so I am grateful that this ability has not been taken from me. I am hopeful that your support will make it possible for me to pay my rent while creating for you.

And what will I be creating for you? Quick and easy to run adventures for GMs of Tales From The Floating Vagabond (TF2V), Dravakor, Control: The Game of Absolute Corruption, The Noble Wild, and more. These adventures will run the gamut from loony and outrageous, to perilous and shattering. There will also be occasional supplemental rules, adding a new wrinkle to your Pathfinder, TF2V, or Control games. All of these "One-Sheet" treats will eventually be made available for sale, but not until you, my faithful patrons, have had them for at least a month.

Plus, if the funding reaches the $300 level, I'll be able to produce new expansion packs for my card games, including Badass Zombie Killers, and the upcoming Badass Dragon Slayers! These cards will feature art by such luminaries as Anthony Cornouyer and Scott Lincoln, and will be mailed right to your home.

My company motto is: "Change the way you see yourself. Change the way you see the world." Don't you want to see who you'll become?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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