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About LeftResponse

This isn't asked for, so please pledge only if you can afford to pledge. If you're saving up to donate, you shouldn't. If you're saving for a new laptop, clothes or desire anything else then keep your money for yourself. My content is free, and I do this because its fun and I want to hang out with people. Anyone can join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/0q5den79vB0RHH5D

Simply type your Twitch name in #request-access-here and a moderator will grant access to the server! (This is available to anyone)

The Patreon rank would give you:
* Access to my personal SnapChat
* Personal Rank in my channel
* Free Steam game on the first of every month!
* Free IT Support on Streams/PC/Laptop problems (I can help via remote access)
* Choice of game on Sub-Sunday

Server bonuses!
I don't have much to give back, but as a thank you I offer Patreon Ranks on any of my servers!

* Access to /tp
* 3 Mounts, Bee, Bunny and Turtle
* 100 Gold
* Ability to use items that summon bosses

* A patreon kit to be claimed one per week! (use /kit patreon)
* The ability to fly in Survival (Use /fly)
* You can use Disguises and disguise an animals or mobs! (e.g /disguise bat)
* 150% exp from monsters!
* Keep your items when you die in survival!
* More plots to claim in Creative mode!

If you are a $20 dollar or more (apart from ridiculous amounts of appreciation) I will offer additionally below:
* Access to my Steam library via family sharing (over 2000 games)
* Personal support with streaming, life advice, moderator in my channel and Discord

Thank you for checking out my page! :) Please ONLY pledge if you can afford it, I'm really serious about this. I know most people pledge when they could use the money to better their own lives so please consider your situation carefully before pledging, all my contents/accesses are completely free.
$0 of $100 per month
At the moment I'm hosting the servers externally (but by myself), but ultimately like to pay for server hosting!
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