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Curiosities - Join and Vote!

$1 /mo
Join the community and you will get to vote on what game I play next and which skit ideas I bring to life!

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Wierdos - Game Night Together!

$5 /mo
Join me for a private monthly game night together on the last Saturday of the Month! I love playing with fans!

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Oddballs - Monthly Q&A livestream

$10 /mo
I'll answer your questions about whatever as long as it's kept relatively clean

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  • Monthly Q&A

Anomalies - Game Giveaway!

$20 /mo
Join me for an end of the month Game Night Together live stream with game giveaways only for patrons who donate this much or more! 

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Le Freak - Personalized Video Message

$40 /mo
I'll record a video message, just for you! 

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Hebu?!!!! - 1 on 1 Game Together

$60 /mo
I will play a game with an individual person who donates this much! It will just be you and I playing a game together! We can live stream it for other patrons, record for YouTube, or it can be priv...