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  • Disclaimer: Please note that Lorie is not a professional consultant and has no liability for what you do after each voice chat. Also be aware that the tips Lorie does give you does not guarantee success or results.
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About Lorie

Dear everyone, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to check out my Patreon page. My name is LegendofLorie or just Lorie and I'm on a mission to prove to everyone who joins my broadcast on Twitch that they are legendary in some way. Whether you decide to support my broadcast by becoming one of my patrons or you're just checking out some of my goals thank you for taking some time out of your day to take a peek!

Why Patreon? I chose to set-up Patreon because streaming and entertaining is what I do now for a living while I attempt to go back to school and be mommy to my energetic daughter and a new baby boy. This is just another way to help support my endeavors of full-time streaming!

Patreon or Subscribing on Twitch? Either one is a wonderful way to support me and doing both is even better, however, if you can only do one then the choice is up to you and I'll be grateful for your support either way.

How else can I support? If you cannot support monetarily, then hanging out in my streams when I'm live, spreading the word about the stream on social media, or following my social media and Twitch are awesome ways to show your support for my content.

"Hey, I've pledged and want to receive my awesome rewards! When does this happen?" Thank you so much for pledging and supporting me as a content creator! Once you have pledged then you will receive your rewards as soon as payment has gone through!

Why are there only two options for pledging now? With the addition of subscription tiers on Twitch, I've decided to utilize Twitch's options first and foremost before Patreon. Where I still appreciate the support here, it is easier for me to manage rewards if they were mostly on one platform. If you find yourself not wanting to pledge $50 or $100 then feel free to check out the $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 subscription options here and consider supporting via one of those. Thank you so much. <3

Always remember to have power, wisdom, and courage. <3
$2.61 of $100 per month
Xiaoh, my polydactyl tuxedo cat, will have her own camera and be featured on some of my broadcasts live!

Please note: The camera is not able to follow her throughout the house so sometimes she will be in her camera spot and sometimes she will be elsewhere and not able to be caught on camera. Keep that in mind!
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