Magic the Gathering deck boxes and Settlers terrain!

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Each pledge helps create new deck box styles, game accessories, one of a kind pieces, & grow video content! I will add more rewards tiers as my Patreon community grows.

  • A private Patreon forum

  • Patreon reduced pricing

  • Polls about what I work on next

  • Access to Patreon Exclusive order queue PRICE LIST FOR PATREON ORDER QUEUE.  Please message me with any question. I can process transactions through Etsy with a private message. www.etsy.com/shop/leifkicker Prices subject to change based off current material and shipping cost. Listed price is for standard design, there may be an added fee to cover some customizations.

  • Deck Boxes I currently craft

    • Squirrel and Acorn -$550 for both, or $275 if you want just the Acorn (updated/face acorn is $25 more)

    • Chatterfang and Acorn -$650 for both, or $275 if you want just the Acorn (updated/face acorn is $25 more)

    • Sliver 3.0 - $450

      • Add $50 for carved in Sliver Overlord detail

    • Mana Vault - $425

    • Updated/Face Acorn - $300

    • Dragon Skull - $400

    • Chaos Orb -$400

    • Hedron - $400

    • Ratchet Bomb 3.0- $375

    • Necronomicon - $350

    • Cheeseburger - $300

    • Magic Top - $300

    • Skull - $300

      • Add $30 for a glow in the dark box

    • Dino/Dragon Egg - $275

    • Tardis - $250

    • Millennium Puzzle box -$250

    * Add Flocking to select boxes for $5. Classic Settlers Boards

    • 4 player with water and harbors- $550

    • 6 player with water and harbors- $750

    • Shipping is included in the price. I will ship worldwide

D.I.Y. Settlers Boards - Unpainted

  • 4 player with water and harbors- $250

  • 6 player with water and harbors- $310

  • Shipping is included in the price. I will ship worldwide

D.I.Y. Settlers Boards - Painted 


NOT AVAILABLE Boxes that currently need remolding but could be revived

  • Enchiridion 

  • Mana Vault

  • Koth 

  • Mimic 

  • Orzhov 

  • Cthulhu

*What box would you like to see next?

Includes Discord benefits
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Leifkicker Kickbacks

per month
Perks for every Patreon at $5 or more are eligible for Leifkicker Kickbacks!

  • Access to Leifkicker Studio Discord server, still in the works in getting it all fleshed out but we will be adding channels for each item we make with lots of images to give everyone a better idea of what we can do. Channels to discuss new box ideas, probably some live stream, chats, and what ever else we can think of that the community might benefit from and enjoy.    
  • 10% off any regular priced deck box or Settlers Board from my Etsy store.
  • After 1 year it increases to 15% off any regular priced deck box or Settlers Board from my Etsy store.    

Be sure to send me a message when you order so I can apply your discount!

Includes Discord benefits

Studio Pillar

per month
For just $1 a day you will be helping The Studio explore new avenues of designs, products, and hire new help to increase production.
  • Plus all pervious tier perks
  • End credit shout out on weekly videos
Includes Discord benefits



About Leifkicker

Hello everyone, I'm Leifkicker, a professional artist and micro-manufacturer that specializes in crafting unique deck boxes and gaming accessories.  

Why Patreon?
Bringing new content to my followers and fans is something that I am always excited to do. Patreon is an excellent platform for fans to help show their support and help me to keep bringing you new designs on a regular basis while growing video content. 

With your support, I'll be able to show a lot more behind the scenes content from my studio of projects that I would not normally be able to show anywhere else. This will offer more insight and accessibility to my Patreon supporters! 

What I hope to achieve with your support:
New deck box designs and increased production to meet growing demands.
I receive hundreds of emails each month about great deck box ideas themed around some really crazy commander builds. It's just not possible for me to build a box for every commander, but with Patreon, we can come together and collectively poll some of the top ideas so I can get these unique artifacts out to eagerly awaiting players like you! 
New 3D Settlers tiles from unexplored expansions.
I have already crafted 54 unique tile sets for up to six players. I'd like to sail beyond the basic Settlers board and explore what more the world hex tiles has to offer. With Seafarers, I will add even more unique tiles such as volcanoes, gold ore, rivers, and fish! Come be part of the Patreon community that helps direct where we go next!
New video content!
I currently offer weekly video content and Patreon supporters will be the first to see it all. Initial videos include content such as:
  • Detailed videos reviewing all my current and new deck box designs
  • DIY videos on sculpting, painting, and custom gaming terrain building 
  • Watch-it-made videos of unique one of kind art pieces

How will the studio use your support? 
Initially your support will go into shop upgrades that will improve quality and production so I can more efficiently meet the ever growing demand for my hand made items. With consistent Patreon support I plan to hire more help in the studio and focus on increasing video content, engaging more with fans via social media, and increasing production and product lines. 

Here are some links for those who want to explore more about me and what I do:
Leifkicker website with more photos
Etsy store with current available items 
Facebook fan page

10% complete
Almost daily I get an email with some great ideas for a new deck box. Mana vaults, Tardis, Dragon egg, your favorite tribal or commander.  An endless list of possibilities and Id love to make every one!

Producing a new piece takes a lot of time. It takes me about 4 weeks to create a new piece and a mold. It would certainly be a challenge but at $5000 I think we could come up with a way that I could produce a new piece and mold each month while I have some studio artists help produces pieces for sale. By socializing the cost of the crafting time it takes to produce a new piece I will be able to keep the cost of crafting the casted pieces much lower. 

Each molding can make about 35-40 copies. Patreons would be first in line for these new pieces and have a voice in what pieces to produce. 
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