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I am here to remind you on your Dream. I am here to look for loyal Patrons who support my project. 

What is on LeoDreams?

I will publish a lot of caught lifetime Dreams. The focus will be set on inspiration through Dreams of others and also the realization of Dreams. I am convinced that it is absolutely possible to realize Dreams. First of all we need to reveal those Dreams and secondly we need to connect with each other in order to offer help. Dreams should not remain Dreams.

Besides the Dream project I will write articles & shoot documentaries about topics I am interested in.
All this content will be shared on the sector "blog" on www.LeoDreams.com.

Why $1 already helps me a lot

As we live in money based society one needs at least a bit of money to make a living from something. It would be super huge for me if this 'something' means 'LeoDreams'. If you support me on Patreon with a monthly buck or two this would open up the possibility to do what I love: To live the nomad life, catch Dreams, write articles and shoot documentaries/music videos.
The more 'safety income' I got through my Patreons the more and higher quality content I am able to create. 

Let's create a Dreamers' community. Be a part of it.

Never forget about your lifetime Dream,


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