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About Leopoldo Bloom

Leopoldo Bloom is one of the foremost transgender artists of his generation. For the past twenty years he has chronicled life on the margins of American LGBT society. With an eagle eye to detail, his work creates a vernacular testament of a contemporary queer experience in age of vapid gay assimilation and power struggles. His artistic practice traverses the time-based mediums of film, photography and book arts. His films have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Cinematheque, and the Pleasure Dome in Toronto. Leopoldo Bloom’s first book How to Transition on 63 Cents a Day, is a letterpress printed limited edition artist book which has been exhibited nationally and is in several collections such as Jaffe Collection at FAU, Duke, U.C. Santa Barbara & Berkeley, Miami University, Wesleyan College, University of Miami and Lafayette College. His current work in progress TheMigratory Patterns of North American Queers at the Turn of the Century explores the importance of the written word in the history of queer cultural transmission. This performative art project is a thematic continuation of How to Transition on Sixty Three Cents a Day, his memoir on familial transphobia and the mundanity of transgender structural oppression. The Migratory Patterns of North American Queers uses the obsolete format of the family photo album to prompt viewers into chronicling life events and examine queer storytelling as an evolutionary tool of survival and social navigation.