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About Lester Smith

Thanks for stopping by. Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I'm asking for your patronage.

Short Bio: Now With Cats!

Since 1984 I've supported my family by one sort of publishing or another: technical writing, game design, educational publishing, web design, editing, even some reviews. It's all been a compromise with a 10-year-old me who read Robinson Crusoe and ached to tell such stories. Now I'm retired and don't have to write to survive. I can write novels. 
Every author bio seems to involve cats. During my working years I didn't have any. Now I live on a farm, and three cats have adopted me. They're staring at me now from the porch outside. They follow me wherever I go. I love them. So there's that.
Every author bio also includes an out-of-date photo from when the writer was young. The one above is from 1987. That's how far back I had to search for something that appears earnestly authorial. All my newer photos have Hawaiian shirts, or ironic T-shirts, or a fanged smiley mask.

Why This Patreon Page?

Let me be serious for a moment. Retirement doesn't mean having nothing but time on your hands. Chances are you have even more friends and family than when you were young. Nurturing those relationships means dropping whatever you're doing when there's a need. There are also more home projects. And, sadly, more doctor visits. That's all important stuff, but it does use up hours.
And the act of writing itself can be daunting. It's far too easy to neglect when the going gets difficult or you're outside your comfort zone. 
This page is a contract with patrons to devote time to creating. It means I owe you. Specifically because you put your faith in me. The money involved means far less, which is why I set the pledge levels so low. You're buying me coffee. That's a kindness I intend to repay.

What Am I Writing?

The current project is entitled Who Is Suzi-Q-Suzukie? It's about a John Doe amnesiac who wakes from a coma with that question on his lips. To answer it he must first search out his own identity. This is my first prose novel, so I'm finding my way through the process. And figuring out what sort of Patreon updates to make without giving away the ending. 

Wait, your first prose novel?

Yes. My first novel, supported by this Patreon page, was The Pastime Machine: A Byronic Mashup of Dante & Wells, in 1001 101 Raving Sonnets! Most of my previous creative writing was post-modern poetry (meaning less free verse than formal verse.) I have a few awards and am a past president of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. Writing a novel in sonnets seemed a good way to start learning to tell long stories.
The Pastime Machine is an irreverent tale about a secret corporate trans-dimensional war. The idea was inspired by seeing a marble building with a McDonald's in Rome, on a European backpacking trip. All my patrons get a free PDF as a bonus.

The End

That pretty much sums things up. Thanks for reading. Please become a patron. I'll do my level best to keep you entertained.
—Lester Smith
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At $100/month I'll contract Liz Danforth to illustrate a frontispiece for the novel-in-progress. Here's an example of her work. Liz did a wonderful frontispiece for The Pastime Machine. She's my favorite black-and-white artist, an amazing talent.
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