Let's Go Road Trippin is creating Americana and Oddities videos

Road Tripper Rider

$2 /creation
  • Access to our Patreon stream feed, that we will check and interact with you!
  • Early access videos.  See videos when they are uploaded, and before they go live! 

Road Tripper DJ

$5 /creation
  • Get exclusive content and interactions.  Your input means the most to us.  At this level (and above) your comments, questions, etc will get priority over all others.
  • Exclusive ima...

Road Tripper Navigator

$10 /creation
  • Your name in the description of every video you support
  • Help us decide where to go next!
  • All of the lower level perks

Road Tripper Planner

$25 /creation
  • Extra, non-public, videos just for you - these videos will have some more behind the scenes and other content just for our Patreon supporters
  • A monthly Live stream to talk about a...

Road Tripper Driver

$50 /creation
  • A monthly shout out to you, your YouTube Channel, or anything you want to shout out!
  • Once every 3 months we will ship an item (shirt, mug, poster) to the people who have been at t...

Road Tripper King

$100 /creation
  • Access to a private, one-on-one video chat via Skype, once a month
  • All of the lower level perks