Matthew Baker is creating Video Game Walkthrough's A.K.A "Let's Play's"

$0.50 /mo
I guess... You get to feel good about yourself...

$1 /mo
Be included in the "Supporters" listing at the end of every one of my videos, which will be verbally expressed.

$5 /mo
Be included in the "Top Supporters" listing at the end of my video's, followed by a shout-out and a publicized "thank you", which will all be verbally expressed.

$10 /mo
1. As a reward for such a high dollar donation, I will play any game you want, at least once a month, until the story line for the game comes to it's end.

$20 /mo
1. Will say anything (as long as it is not offensive or illegal in my area in any way.) to anyone at a random public place on video, ending the video with ...