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Access To Private Facebook Group

$1 /mo
For just a few cents a day, you'll get access to my Patreon feed, and closed Facebook community group. These will contain exclusive, Patreon only content.

Transcription Challenge

$5 /mo
Get access to my monthly Transcription Challenge - we'll pick a few challenges of varying difficulty, you transcribe them, I'll give you feedback and post my work here on Patreon

Includes ...

YouTube Credits

$10 /mo
Get a credit at the end of all my Youtube videos while you're supporting me.

Includes access to all previous perks!

Video Requests

$20 /mo
You start helping to determine content. You want me to set my sights on a Youtuber? Want a vlog on a subject of your choice? This is the way!

Includes access to all previous perks! 

Private Lesson

$50 /mo
Have a one to one session with me each month where I'll help you with your playing, transcription, or just hang.

Includes all previous perks!