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About Lewis Qball

Hey Hey! The name's Lewis Qball, now if you have seen any of my previous videos you might have noticed I have a little something called Tourettes, no biggie right! 

When I was first Diagnosed I had no idea how this would affect my life, to tell the truth I hadn't an inkling of what tourettes even was, well after a few months of adjusting I decided to make a video so that the people around me wouldn't feel shocked/intimidated if they came across me in the street. 

And now two years later I'm still putting myself out there trying to raise awareness of motor and vocal tics, not only to show people how this effects my life but to show those who have been newly diagnosed that you can still live a good life! 

I have so many plans but I need YOUR help to achieve them. All of my Patreon support will be spent upgrading my equipment (I kinda break stuff alot) and on travel for events that I think you guys would love to see, I'm not asking you to break the bank just give what you feel comfortable with :) 

Peace out QBALLERS!

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