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So hi!
If you've found your way here, it's likely you already know me. If you don't, I'm Liam! 😊

A little about me
Long story short: I've been a YouTuber for 10 years, a Twitch streamer for 1, and have roughly 10 podcast ideas I'd love to get off the ground. I'm hoping that with your help, I can make at least half of these things better, more regularly, and become the foundation for an amazing community.

My Patreon
I've had Patreon foreeeeever, but after essentially quitting my full-time job to become a freeelance... everything, I have been using it more and more frequently to share and develop creative projects with my community! My Patreon is one leg of a big ol' Voltron of creative community support, and everyone who chooses to pledge is an absolute hero.

You'll see a range of pledge tiers on my page - and yep, they're all pizza-themed. They're (very loosely) based on what you would get in pizza economics for the amount you're pledging - I find it helps to show you that kind of perspective!

If you're new here: thank you so much for your considered support! If you've been around for a while: thanks to you too for sticking with me!


Liam x
33% complete

Because of the costs needed to obtain guests, host the podcast and spend time editing it myself, we've hit a point where Movie Bluffs needs a budget of its own to realistically continue.
When I reach this goal, I'll be on the way to relaunching the show: Better and more bluff-y than ever before!
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