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Just to clarify, this money does not go to any of the Cancer Research causes my goal is about. It's not unreasonable to think of it as an investment in achieving that though, as all money here will go on better equipment for making videos, playing games, paying people for work and services. Other things I foresee in the future, but am not planning right now, are flights to places for events or locations for videos, running events myself, paying for custom made merchandise which I'll then sell and hopefully make a profit which I can reinvest into this sort of SMP machine, or just have it go directly to the Cancer Research.

Do not be surprised if you think I'm spending this money on fun stuff I want and just make videos of/with them. People like watching people do weird fun stuff, so I honestly think it's a smart way to spend money to grow the channel which then raises more money for Cancer Research. For example: The Berlin marathon happens during Oktoberfest, I want to fly to Munich, which is the capital of Bavaria, where Oktoberfest is exclusively celebrated, and get mad drunk with a load of fun nutcases (again). I want to hire a cameraman to document/livestream as much as possible. I then want to go up to Berlin and run the Marathon with those same people, but we're only allowed drink beer not water, we'll need that live streamed by someone else, and have someone ahead of us running with beers for us to drink, as obviously the marathon won't be providing, water, sports drinks, and lovely German pints. afterward we'd go back down to Munich get rat arsed live again and fly home. All of that is insanely fun, but I'd also be playing games to get viewers to donate. Everytime the team downs a full stine the viewers are asked to donate $£€1 to Cancer Research. There are endless more ways to make it fun for people to donate, and that's my plan both in this event and loads of others. I'm going to try to entertain people and earn their donations, not just look sad and worn out and talk about how hard cancer is over and over. Think of it like Live Aid/We are the world 1985, but with no talent, and your money isn't going in the hands of etheopian warlords (look that shit up if you want your day ruined)

The last thing I want is people to feel cheated in anyway so I'm trying to be as transparent as possible.

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