is creating the means of self-defense.

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This buys a roll of filament. I go through anywhere between 1-4 rolls a month, depending on how much iterating I do, and how much infill I use, and what plastic I use.
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    This is enough to buy a 25kg spool of plastic, and then some, or a cheap upper, or ammo... if I can find it. A huge help to the project and I'll be sure and thank you publicly for your help.
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    You tell me! I'm not sure what possessed you to give me a hundred bucks a month :)
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      It started out as a public domain shotgun design, now it's time to see where else that design can go. I'm going explore alternates on the design, and expand the Unlicensed #Liberator12k software library.

      I've spent several thousand dollars on the project personally, and I'm OK with that. It's a hobby and art project I enjoy for selfish reasons. This is mostly a way for me to engage with those who are willing to materially support this project and my vices :)

      That said, there are tools I choose not to buy, mostly on account of cost. Right now I could really use a Chronos high-speed camera. Plastic in the quantities I use it, is expensive. Pipe, tubing, fittings, tubing, threaded rod, drill bits, taps, dies, etc add up when you use as much as I do for prototyping.

      Maybe you'd like to see my toolkit expand.
      Maybe you would like to contribute to the beer/coffee fund.
      If there's something you like that I've made, and can send you without getting arrested, I'll see what I can do.

      What will you get for your material support? There's a fair bit of unpolished video and images that you probably haven't seen. I'll start sharing that to a private feed here. Knowing you're out there, willing to kick in your hard-earned cash for a project we both believe in - is really inspiring.

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