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About Libertades

Love who you are.

To live from the things we love, out of love, this is true freedom, the ability to simply enjoy and live instead of survive. I vow to live in freedom and show every person that may hear, you can be the greatest that there is! And what is art but a form of freedom? Music, paintings, stories, whatever tale my soul wants to tell in whatever media I am able to reach, this is what I do!


An animated "webcomic" inspired by the idea of a Narnia-like world. A fantasy tale about a long forgotten land that once worshipped humans as gods. Now trapped inside, Yarubi must unveil the secrets of this world in order to get back, but through her adventure, she will find shocking revelations that will change the course of things and change her life forever.

If you wish to volunteer to join the Chronicle's crew and assist in its making, just contact me and we'll discuss the details, I don't have much money to pay for your efforts and this project is mostly for fun and sheer ambition, but we can work something out :)

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With a patron community just this big, I am able to expand my artistic career even more! Obtain better resources, create more content, interact more with people, it would simply mean a lot, as well as better rewards like shippings, prints, raffles and more!
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