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About Library Bards

The Library Bards are Bonnie Gordon (ABC's The Quest) and Xander Jeanneret (TBS' King of the Nerds). Together, they take songs off of the radio and transform them into nerdy parodies. 

This is your chance to help out the Bards by funding their journey in the musical realm! You may have seen the Bards perform live at a comic convention, seen their videos on youtube, or heard their songs on Spotify or iTunes, but a lot of these things have been funded out of pocket. In order to continue making the great content you love, The Library Bards have decided to reach out to YOU, the fans, to help them achieve that dream. 

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Bull's Strength - A Music Video Every Two Months!
The Library Bards will (try to) film a new music video, and release it every other month. Subscribers will have exclusive inside access to shooting and release dates, and see progress of the video before it's finished.

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