Library Bards are creating NERDY COMEDY

$1 Reward

$1 /mo

  • Access to the Patron Only Stream -includes all Patron Only videos and pictures posted on Patreon by the Library Bards!
  • Invite to future online/live streaming acoustic concert...

$3 Reward

$3 /mo
  • Invite to Patron Only in-person hangouts! The Library Bards tour to events and cons all over the country, and wherever they go, they will announce a Patron Only hangout location where you c...

$5 Reward

$5 /mo
  • Personalized Thank You shout out from the Library Bards on Library Bards social media! (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Includes all $1-$3 rewards!

$10 Reward

$10 /mo
  • Digital Download link for the mp3 version of the BARDCORE Album!
  • Includes all $1-$8 Rewards!

$15 Reward

$15 /mo
  • A Handwritten Thank You scroll from the Bards and a Library Bards button mailed to your address!
  • Includes all $1-$10 rewards!

$20 Reward

$20 /mo
  • An autographed copy of the BARDCORE album mailed to your address!
  • Includes all $1-$15 rewards!

$25 Reward

$25 /mo
  • An autographed poster mailed to your address!
  • Includes all $1-$20 rewards!

$35 Reward

$35 /mo
  • A Library Bards T-shirt of your choice/size mailed to your address!
  • Includes all $1-$25 rewards

$50 Reward

$50 /mo
  • Library Bards drawstring tote bag!
  • Includes all $1-$35 rewards!

$100 Reward

$100 /mo
  • Personalized 30-45 sec. jingle written and performed by The Library Bards - JUST FOR YOU!
  • All $1-$50 rewards

$250 Reward

$250 /mo
  • One-on-two 30 minute Skype session with the Bards!
  • Includes all $1-$100 rewards!

$500 Reward

$500 /mo
  • Parody Workshop with The Library Bards! We will skype with you and help you write/refine your own parody!
  • Includes all $1-$250 rewards!


$1,000 /mo
  • The Library Bards will provide professional voices for any project of your choice! Animation, Narration, Audio Book.. the possibilities are endless!
  • Includes all $1-$500 rewards!

$3000 Reward

$3,000 /mo
  • The Library Bards will write and record an original song (or parody if preferred) for business or project of your choice!
  • Includes all $1-$1000 rewards