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About Life of Bria

I create and post regular webcomics to my website that address current issues that affect the Transgender Community. I also am the author of the acclaimed trans-themed graphic novel, First Year Out. My goal is to combat hypocrisy and describe, in detail, why the arguments frequently employed against the rights of transgender individuals are horsesh*t, as well as to create media that includes casual 

I frequently get messages from people questioning their gender identities telling me how my comics have helped them. Your pledge helps me continue making content with trans and queer representation to help build a context of greater acceptance and understanding within our culture.
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Depending on the USD to CAD exchange rate, getting $850 USD in per month is generally enough to cover rent of both my workspace and my housing, as well as my utilities bills. Right now, as it stands, most months I need to do outside work to make sure my rent is covered. Meeting this goal would allow me to not worry about whether I have housing, and I could spend more time focusing on making comics.
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