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What is LightHouse Makariv?

A group of ordinary Ukrainians have started a project of physical and psychological rehabilitation for children with disabilities in the village Makariv. We used to help children with disabilities in Ukraine since 2010. There will be another video about our team.

We have a minimal monthly budget that includes only salaries for 5 workers and utility cost. It is 3200 EURO or almost 3600 USD. This budget has no contingency reserves for different emergencies, such as breaking of a technical equipment, need to renew of a rehabilitation equipment, and specialized trainings for staff. The projected full operational capacity of the center is to provide qualified rehabilitation for up to 20 children and their parents simultaneously through 10 days rehabilitation course on monthly basis. The total number of children who can receive a full rehabilitation course during a year is 240.

There are about 170 children with disabilities in the area of Makariv who are registered in our database. The number varies because children continue to born with disabilities, while someone reaches 18 years old and should be excluded from the statistics.
Basically, we can provide a full rehabilitation course twice for each family in the area of Makariv and also cover some neighboring areas during the year. Such frequency is pretty good and gives a good hope for improvement of children’s condition.

We have experience and achieved results of such kind of rehabilitation work with children. However, we used to spent extra money paying for regular trips for children to get to the center located far away of the area. From our point of view it’s not really cost effective approach, which also requires additional efforts and time. By this algorithm, the budget of 3200 EURO is sufficient to cover only 5-6 children. Also, not many of them can go away from their homes.

The key obstacle is important. Namely, parents can’t bring their children for rehabilitation to the rehabilitation centers located far away!

Why? A) the most of families in villages are involved in farming and they can’t leave their houses for more than 6 hours.
How many families have single-parent where the mother or father has to raise a child by her/his own? The answer is - most of them. C) if the family with disabled child has another 1, 2 or more children, it makes a trip to rehabilitation center somewhere in Ukraine complicated because of extra need in accommodation and childcare.

Freelance part details:
1. The Patreon platform allows to donate legally and regularly any amount of money, and also allows every donor to receive multimedia reports about the development of our project. It works automatically. There are special apps for phones and tablets.
2. We are kindly asking you to invite your friends to join this project with any amount of money. We are happy with every 5, 10, 15 USD. Our dream-goal is to have 100 Patrons participating with 30-40 USD or 200 Patrons participating with 20 USD on monthly basis.

This will enable a miracle for every child with disabilities and his family in the area.

Doing miracles together!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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