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“Proxball” is a party game where two players compete against each other in 2D Rugby, Handball or [unannounced mode] matches. Every player controls two characters at the same time. They jump automatically and rotate their arms to catch the ball and items. The gameplay is very chaotic and easy to learn but hard to master, because of the character behaviour, many items and varied stages.

“Proxball” is a party multiplayer game, playable by everybody, even without any gaming experience. Everyone can start playing immediately without the need of a tutorial or any long introduction. The main goal and controls are easy explained. The varied stages, different character behaviours and many items result in a chaotic but controllable and tactical gameplay where everyone can have fun.
It’s best to play in local mode with friends, but it’s also possible to play against an AI or online against strangers or your friends. Every match can be customized through many options so that even competitive players will like the game.
The player can unlock new characters, stages, skins and effects while playing normal matches or while beating the singleplayer campaign.

Oh and did we mention that there are some known characters from other games who want to play Proxball, too?

We want to create a game that focuses on the fun part. There are so much games out there that are aiming to be competitive, where your only goal is to be the very best like no one ever was (don't worry. We don't mean this game with the pocket monsters. These are great games!). Less and less games have local multiplayer that aims to bring fun and joy to everyone who is involved. The players and even viewers. We want to change that!
We take our inspiration from classic games and the "good old" times where you and your friends sit together and had the time of your life. But that's only one part. The other inspirations we have are those that are different from any other game out there. That's what we aim for!
We want to release on multiple platforms. PC, Mobile and home consoles.

You can play Proxball at many Conventions! We are at this years Gamescom in hall 10.2 at stand C011 D018. We announce every other opportunity to play our game on TwitterDiscord and Patreon. Make sure to follow us and stay tuned!
(oh and there are special offers here on Patreon and giveaways)

About us
We're a small team of students (game programming, game art and music) who want to create enjoyable and fun games for everyone!
We're working on our games in our free time and spend our private money on the development of them. And... that's a lot! If you want to talk with us just join or Discord server!

How else can you help us?
Talk about us, make videos of our games and share our posts on Twitter! Everything is possible!
But still, we need money to finance our games. Everything is paid by ourselves and we work on them in our free time. With your help, we could invest more time and money and could work more efficiently, by buying licences, better programs and tools to work with. With your help everyone benefits!
$4.45 of $15 per month
We'll create monthly Videos where we show some of our progress, new gameplay or share special information with you!
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