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you will get one semi-erotic pic of me per dollar you donate to my cause
per shitvid
if u choose to donate two entire dollars to me i will be very thankful and i will not only send you semi-erotic pictures of me, i will also draw your favorite character from any video game

yeah you heard it

per shitvid
but that is not all

if you donate fortyseven more dollars you will also receive one pepsi or dr pepper i have not yet decided that i dont feel like drinking 

this is a limited offer so you need to act quickly




per shitvid


hello comrades
my name is limpdude but my friends call me limpsteel
you may know me from my famous youtube channel or you may not know me at all
but that is very ok my children because you may still donate your hard earned money to me

i am the man who needs the money
with your donation i will be able to, in time, fill my refrigerator with nothing but pepsis or maybe dr peppers i have not decided yet but that does not matter right now

i am right now very unemployed  and i do not generate any money at all
this means that you are responsible for my livinghood
yes that is correct

this is why limpdangler needs you to donate
deep down in your heart you know 
you know that you want to donate

cya dudes

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