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About Lingie

It is my pleasure, and my honor to thank each and every person who has helped me make it as far as we have within the community that we've created thus far.

That being said, hello, my name is Josh, and I run servers and things.

For years I've always had a drive to host my own groups and services for myself, my friends, and in this case, my community.  I've done things like guild leadership, and whatnot, and have always taken a head role at the top of things where I could, for several reasons.  Those reasons include but are not limited to:
 - A general feeling that I could do something better, if I was in charge.
 - The ability to protect and serve my followers; in the case of running game servers, making sure that hackers were dealt with properly, and promptly.
 - The ability to choose how things run.  Backend and in the public face.  For games, this includes the ability to custom fine-tune the balance where possible, to provide a better, more wholesome experience for players.
 - Quality control.  Being able to provide something that is more capable, or at least having more features than other similar services, where possible.

It isn't fair to demand tribute for what I've done; however, to put it short and sweet, I've already had my cup overflow with gratitude and offers of thanks for what I've provided and brought together, in games, on Steam, on Discord, and in e-mails.  I've been given back tenfold what I even dreamed of expecting, and I've made great friends, and already had great experiences along the way.  (Specifically in the SCP servers I'm currently running.)

However, for those who wish to return the favor to me, I'm happy to accept anything you wish to offer me in return.  We will provide something in return, including VIP slots where possible, unique display name changes, so that people know that you've donated, and more.

If you're interested in getting into contact with me about what we're trying to do, or if you would like to see if I'm worth the funding, feel free to reach out to me at any of these locations:

Steam: Lingie, the Fox-Tailed & My Steam Group
Discord: Lingie#3148 & Lingie's Super SCP! Discord Server

Also, if you're not interested in a recurring payment like Patreon, and would prefer a one-time, or instant donation to our services, visit my Paypal.
$25 – reached! per month
Because I localhost my servers, I have to leave my computer on all day!  This tier basically covers the rise in my power bill costs, and the price of the parts I needed to refurbish a computer, to run our servers on.  (Success!  They're shipped.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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