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If you've found this helpful and wish to give back, that is appreciated. The best way to do that would be to share the knowledge with others.

The three dollar suggestion is not necessary. It's just Patreon wouldn't allow me to use a tier without that as a minimum. :)
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About Linux Beginner Club

The Linux Beginner Club is intended for new users, so if you're interested in giving Linux a try for the first time, read on. The suggestions here are beginner friendly, and not so technical. My aim is to create information that will get you using a stable and useful Linux machine that you will love! I will be explaining things simplistically with a healthy focus on practicality. These are my opinions based on my personal journey. I will explain why I have made certain decisions based on common sense. Hopefully they will help guide you to make informed choices.
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First and foremost my goal is to help people escape the unethical business practices of the large proprietary operating system providers. The number of patrons I hope to reach is astronomic. Although it is my desire to fund open source projects, this is not about the money. The best way to view what the Linux Beginner Club does is to consider it more like a crowd funding effort, in which the thing that you get back is something invaluable - Knowledge!
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