Lisa Carver is creating Books Mostly

$1 /mo
For $1 a month, you are my official patron. You get in on the patron-only feed.

$5 /mo
I'll send you something thin in the mail once a month every month. I don't know what it will be. I'm going to find out next month as I'm filling envelopes. 

$6 /mo
International thin envelope once a month.

$20 /mo
I will send out a fatter package once a month of I don't know what. If you please tell me what you are most interested in, I will tailor the package to you. I'm loading whatever fits into my car Ba...

$30 /mo
This is the fatter package (see above) going overseas.

$50 /mo
I will send you whatever of my books or records or DVDs or anything you want anytime so you can give them away as presents if you like as well as any new creations. Plus at least twice a year I wil...