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is creating a nonfiction book; College Over 30
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In case $10/mo is too much for you. This shows me that you care, and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that says "people care, people want to help, and you got this." We all need encouragement every now and then.  If you're not into the monthly thing, but still want to help: 
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Most families have 2 adults generating income and an average of 2 children they support, together. I'm one adult with 5 kids in the house. School is expensive and doesn't leave much time for generating income. I have royalties from the books I've published, but it's not enough to live on every month. So right now, I need help. If you're able to help, that would be awesome. I plan to post my official completed school writing assignments here and Patrons get to see them first.
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Textbooks vary SO MUCH in price, it's ridiculous.  So far, the instructors at Shoreline have been awesome about sharing resources for digital versions, or differences between older and newer versions of the text. One even scoured the web for scholarly articles and free resources so we didn't have to purchase a text.  But in less than a year, I've spent close to $1400 just on books. One was over $300.  I'm told that as my studies get more specialized, whether it's law or Engineering that I settle on, I'll end up spending more, and to be glad that I'm not interested in medicine.  But still... girl needs books. If you sponsor me at this level, I'll drop everything I'm doing the instant I see the notification and send you a thank-you video. 



About Lisa Russell

I'm a mom of six daughters, grandma of one and I'm also a full time college student and an author.

I'm not new to writing. I started writing web content online, for income, in 1999 and I help other people learn how to earn money as writers at, a site for information as well as a mini-agency where I periodically hire writers, editors and other talent for my own clients. My personal writing portfolio is at and my personal blog is at (and for the PC police, ancestry(dotcom) tells me that I have the ethnic heritage that allows me to use that word). 

I'm thrilled to be divorced, and still slowly recovering from the trauma of the marriage. I love living in Seattle. I love reading and writing, spreadsheets and data analysis. 

I plan to publish a memoir about my college experience and publishing at each significant milestone (AA, BA and perhaps beyond)
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This is my monthly house payment. Seattle is expensive. At this level, I will probably sleep better at night and eat more often. I'll also be able to spend more time focusing on my homework which will ensure that when I transfer away from the community college, I'll have a better chance of being admitted to the University for the next phase of my education. Housing is a big deal.
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