Lisa Shapter is creating Science Fiction Short Stories

$1 /mo
I'll send you a promo post card for one of my short stories.  (Random selection unless you pick one).  I did the collage art for the postcard.

$3 /mo
I'll send you a complete set of collaged promo postcards for my published short stories.

$5 /mo
I'll send you a complete set of promo postcards and a "Now With Rhino" parody of my work (random selection) -- because in order to fit an action-story mold I'd need to add a charging rhino to the s...

$10 /mo
Everything at the previous level -- but with all of the "And Now With Rhino" parodies and all of the postcards signed.

$20 /mo
A signed copy of my novella A Day in Deep Freeze (Aqueduct Press) plus all of the previous level's rewards.

$100 /mo
All of the previous rewards plus a signed copy (just by me) of the anthology Things We Are Not: M-Brane SF Presents New Tales of the Queer and an unpublished short story.