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Hello there.
Thank you for discovering me here. 
If you do know me and my work, then thank you so much for finding me here too.
I thank you all, new and old acquaintances, in advance for your support in all and every way.
I am honored that you are here! ❤️
Who am I?
My name is Lisbeth Thygesen and I live in a part of Copenhagen in Denmark called Frederiksberg.

I’m first and foremost a painter. I create images on canvas and paper with acrylic paint and sometimes with watercolor or ink. I also draw, sculpt and all in all like to play and experiment with different types of materials, but I always come back to the paintings and they are the part of my art, that I spend most of my time on.

As a child I spent most days in the nature in both Denmark and Sweden. The Scandinavian nature made a big impact on me and my imagination and I have always been fascinated by birds, animals, trees and plants, not forgetting to mention the imaginary creatures, that I fantasized were hiding out there behind the trees and in the shadows. These creatures have, over time, developed and are taking more and more place as characters in my landscapes, sometimes accompanied by Nordic wildlife and/or humans. I am, as an artist, deeply absorbed by nature and it greatly affects my artistic expression, my dreams and my perception of life. My paintings are very inspired by dreams, folklore, spirituality, magic and the Nordic and Scandinavian great outdoors and wilderness.

I have studied art history at the University of Copenhagen and also have a bachelor degree in social education, where my main focus was aesthetic learning processes. These studies gave me a theoretical background in my art practice, but technically I am a self-taught artist.

I have had several solo as well as group shows, in art galleries, international juried exhibitions, art associations and art fairs in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Spain.

I am a very spiritual person. I use my intuitive skills and my visions in making my art. My intent as an artist is to make you focus on your greatest potential and possibilities by remembering beauty and magic of life, and I’m hoping it will touch your heart and give you a sense of love, fun and tranquility. All in all my art is from my heart to yours.

Why Patreon?

With the introduction of “the small-business crushing algorithms” on Facebook and Instagram, it has become harder than ever to reach my wonderful community of supporters. It has been frustrating to realize that only a small fraction of my community gets to see my posts unless I pay a lot of money to have them advertised. With Patreon I see an opportunity to share much more with you all, while at the same time hoping this will be a source of stable income, to make it possible for me, to continue my dream of making and sharing my art. My art is for all people, for you and for me, I make it from my heart and with my soul, but I also have to make a living, right?

I have always loved creating. Being an artist is my greatest passion and I feel it is my mission in life. Throughout my career as an artist, I have always loved to share my process. Through this platform I hope to expand this part of my artistic journey. You will get to explore my own creative inspiration, my thoughts, visions and dreams, more details, videos, tips and tricks and all kinds of good stuff and benefits, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

If you want to know more about what Patreon is, check out the faq here.

Please have a look at the available tiers and their corresponding perks. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. If now isn't the right time for you to support me here, there are other ways to support my work:

So that's basically it. I'm new to Patreon and this page is evolving. I want to hear from you, what you wish to see most on this platform. We’ll do this together. ❤️
Tiers will be expanding or changing as we go. I think this is going to be lots of fun! Thank you so much for being here and liking my art! My heart is full of gratitude for you!

Questions? Ideas? Send me an email at [email protected]

Much love

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The winner will receive an unlined notebook with the motive from my art piece "Magical Morning" around the cover AND a signed art print of the winners choice. Here's the prints you can choose from: 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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