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About Malorie

My name is Malorie, but some of you might know me as Lith or LithDragon.

It's always been a dream of mine to be a successful artist, and to have art be my full time job.

So what are these pledges going towards? With each pledge you're supporting my rent, food, savings, and other miscellaneous bills. Which allows me to focus more of my time on art.

What are some things you'll receive for pledging? Each tier will have different access to content, and special deals and events. The more you pledge the more access you have. You'll also have options for potential free art depending on which tier you pledge to. Suggestion for content is always welcome!

Any support helps. Pledges and any support is NEVER to small. Everything is appreciated.
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When this goal is met it means that ALL of my Patrons will have access to weekly private streams on Picarto.
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