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You’re amazing and forever in my heart!

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This tier is geared towards my offline artist development and offers more behind the scenes snapshots when I’m out and about in the big city!


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12/8/19 Edit - tiers are under construction until relaunch! join the conversation <3

Hey guys! ✨

Welcome and thank you soooo much for checking out my Patreon page!! Whether you decide to pledge or not, I sincerely appreciate your support through all of this and will do my best to continue creating music for you all to enjoy!
For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Jayn (or LittleJayneyCakes on Youtube). I'm a 90s kid most known for covering vocaloidanime and video game music as well as creating music box versions and original arrangements to songs.

I also make original music, which I use as a way to tell stories and make a genuine connection with others. A lot of my original work is my way of coping with my own experiences, and I've found it to be healing for myself and those I'm able to reach with it. I want to keep growing and improving so I can reach even more people, and remind them they're not alone in their struggle. It literally makes my whole life when I'm told I've been able to help someone through my music.  

I'm a true believer in the bonds that can be made through music and I want to be able to sing and share music with you all for as long as I can. 

I have a bunch of other hobbies and little side-projects going on. Check out the about me page on my website for more ~ 💜
Not familiar with Patreon? No worries!

Simply put you'll be pledging a certain amount of money PER MONTH in exchange for awesome perks such as: requesting & voting for song covers, high quality downloads, midi files, harmony guides, birthday letters, original songs, video updates (live & pre-recorded) and even MORE. 

My favorite thing about Patreon is that I get to give you guys thank you gifts for all of your help!!~

The more you pledge, the greater the perks, so check out rewards on the right and choose your tier. <3 

I'm a little socially anxious, so I find Patreon is the place I'm most comfortable sharing my private life and hanging out. 

It's a much smaller crowd than YouTube! It feels more like a family, and a safe place to land. Patreon is by far the best place to get to know me and establish a genuine friendship, and it is currently by far the best method of supporting my work. 

As I've gotten older and thus gained more responsibilities, it's been more difficult to keep up with music. I love making it and would do it to the end of time with no charge, but I've got to eat - and there's rent and bills to pay. Yikes.  

Thank you so, so, so much for your kindness and your help. Without the extra support it would be legitimately impossible for me to get anywhere! I've been able to do so much more than I ever thought with your support and love behind me. 💜💜💜

My DREAM is to someday be able to support myself with my originals alone. I'd love to transition from primarily releasing covers to primarily releasing original music, and as long as Patreon continues growing I'll be closer and closer to having that dream realized!! 

Patreon earnings work as a budget for what I can do each month, check out the goals on the left to see what's currently possible and what I'm aiming for! 
100 - reached! patrons
We can now:

★ Commission artists for social media assets
★ Release a minimum of 1 song a month to Patreon. 
★ Occasionally licence and distribute anime/video game covers
★ Occasionally commission instrumentals for anime/video game covers
★ Occasionally commission art for my original songs
★ Occasionally release an original song or an original arrangement

Thank you SO MUCH!!! 
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