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About Little Red Dot

Who is Little Red Dot?!

Welcome! You many know me as Chelsea, and you may also know me as Little Red Dot. But no matter what you call me, my passion for Table Top Roleplaying games never falters. 

Almost 10 years ago I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e, and since then I've become what some might call a TTRPG connoisseur. Now I play and GM over 17 hours of RPGs each week between my own Twitch channel and many others including North by North Quest, Roll4It, Nerd Immersion, UnMadeGaming, and The Greyhawk Channel.

My love of collaborative storytelling began many years ago when I was still an classical Shakespeare and live improv stage actor (but that's a story for another day). It should come as no surprise then that characterization and roleplaying are my specialty when it comes to gaming. In short, I'm just a girl who loves to tell stories. I hold firm to the belief that storytelling bridges demographics, builds community, and nourishes the human soul.

So what's my Patreon all about?

As my passion for gaming has grown so has my interest in contributing more original content to the TTRPG community. My hope is that this Patreon will serve as a launching point to support more of the creative side of my TTRPG passion, so that you too can have access to all the crazy ideas floating around in my head for use at your own tables. 

Over the next year I have some pretty high hopes of: 
  • publishing my own one-shot(s) and game setting for DnD5e 
  • releasing weekly videos with roleplaying hints/techniques via youtube
  • play-testing new games on my channel with YOU as the players
  • and going full-time as a TTRPG streamer 
With your help I can achieve these goals and so much more!

Join the Little Red Dot Army.

For as little as $2 per month you can support me as I continue to roll dice and create original TTRPG content.

When you join my patreon you become part of what I like to call the "Little Red Dot (LRD) Army" -- here we stand as warriors and advocates for the table top gaming community in all its many forms. There are tons of different benefits including special access to Discord chats, my own private notes/characters, AND at a certain level I'll even DM a game for you and your friends. My hope is to also use this Patreon as a private blog. A place to share ideas, thoughts, and planning long before they reach the eyes of the public. Who knows.... maybe I'll even post some secret videos of me doing Shakespeare monologues! 

I have a vision of making and participating in more and more TTRPG content then ever before, and I hope you'll show your support and join me in my adventure!

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New RPG system!

I will DM a extended 10 week campaign on my channel using a NEW system I haven't played before.

  • City of Mist
  • Cypher
  • Bluebeards Bride

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