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is creating LGBTQ+ inclusive sex and relationship education
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About Live Proud

Hi!  We are Live Proud, a mid-Missouri based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ people, specifically adults who are dealing with toxic religion. In many cases, queer adults who have grown up in backgrounds of toxic religion need a helping hand but have aged out of minors-only resources. We hope to create an environment where queer adults can find their footing, connect with local resources, learn crucial life skills, and establish lives filled with joy.

The Live Proud story begins and ends with queer joy. Anna and Jordan, a queer married couple, learned via a secret Facebook group about Nix, a nonbinary person who needed a safe place to live ASAP. After a few days of communication, they decided to move in with Anna and Jordan, at least for a short while. So, in September 2017, Anna and Nix embarked on “the 24-hour nonstop road trip from hell” which became one of the best things ever: Nix is still living with Anna and Jordan, and together the three of them founded Live Proud, which aims to activate the grassroots LGBTQ+ community to carry out on a larger scale what Anna, Jordan, and Nix experienced in September of 2017: friendship, family, and queer joy.

Currently, Live Proud produces Ur Local Queers, a YouTube series which aims to spread knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community, safe sex, healthy relationships, and queer theory.  We also run the Queer Joy Poems Project, an ongoing series of poems for queer people.  We are participating in local Pride festivals, creating poetry on demand and compiling a list of local resources.

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