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is creating video and print stories celebrating amazing Latinxs in America
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About Livin' Americana

I'm Octavio Blanco, one of the founders here at “Livin’ Americana.” Thanks for stopping by!

I'm a journalist who is determined to bring more positive portrayals of Latinos into today's media landscape. Three years ago I decided to team up with my friend Anthony Lopez and my wife Kathy Blanco to create Livin’ Americana. It’s an online community dedicated to highlighting the stories of amazing Latinos transforming and revitalizing America's cities, towns, and neighborhoods through art, entrepreneurship, political action, and community service.

For the next four months I’m participating in the Entrepreneurial Journalism fellowship at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York. The fellowship will allow me finally to be able to focus on the project full time, devoting my resources to sharpening my vision for Livin’ Americana into a financially sustainable news and lifestyle venture that delivers real value to an audience who feels maligned and ignored, and which better represents the Latino community to an even wider audience. My employer, Consumer Reports, where I usually work as a Multimedia Content Creator, has granted me a four-month, unpaid leave of absence while I pursue the fellowship.

In time, I hope to broaden the scope of Livin' Americana's coverage to include stories about all multicultural Americans making a difference where they live. That's Livin' Americana!

I’m asking you please to subscribe to Livin’ Americana's Patreon page. I want your subscription to be as easy as possible: It's just $1 a month. If you're feeling generous, of course, you can contribute more—the sky's the limit!

However, making money is not the point here. My goal is to engage with you in an authentic way and to impart some of the knowledge I'll be gaining, and to share my experience on this journey—if it also helps me to cover some expenses, like health insurance for my family of three, rent, and other bills, then great! Luckily my wife Kathy works, and she has agreed to take on the bulk of our living expenses. Plus, we’ve been able to save and can rely on our little nest egg during the time I’m not earning an income.

During the next four months, I plan to publish at least one video and/or print update each week and to engage with and respond daily to everyone who posts comments or asks me questions about what I am undertaking on our subscriber discussion forum.

Your subscription will connect you to a community that embraces positivity, inclusiveness, and unity. If a subscription isn't right for you now. I understand. Thanks for taking the time to read this message. If you ARE considering a subscription, I hope you'll decide to embark on this journey with me TODAY!

Octavio Blanco
Co-Founder, Livin' Americana

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