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$5 /mo
Not everyone has a pocket full of gold. I know I don't. But what I do know is that a $5 goes a long way. Just know yours will too.

Become a Livy

$10 /mo
Help support me and my team. And watch us grow and become bigger because of you. Not only because of what your giving and donating but how your giving us time out of your day to be apart of it all....

Early Access To Pre-Builds

$50 /mo

-Livy S.
  • Have Early Access to updates to come
  • Have the role within our discord
  • Know things before anyone else
  • Have the role of EA

Early Access To Official Release

$100 /mo
-Livy S.
  • Early Access not only to Pre-Builds But also to when the game officially releases
  • Help on any projects you had in mind
  • Future plans for the game
  • Dev not...