Liz Chidester is creating Music

$1 /creation
Receive a link for a free download of any originals I perform on my YouTube Channel.

$3 /creation
Free download of all originals on my YouTube Channel AND you get to vote on what my next cover/response song will be!

$5 /creation
Rewards for the $1 and $3 levels AND behind the scenes videos and photos from shoots and things!

$10 /creation
Rewards for the $1-5 levels AND sneak peaks at upcoming videos and early listens to new songs I'm working on!

$25 /creation
Rewards for the $1-10 levels AND I'll sing you a personal thank you message in a video!

$100 /creation
Well this is just crazy talk, but if you do this let's have a phone conversation and talk about how awesome you are, plus all of the other level rewards and a personalized autographed photo. And I'...