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About Elizabeth

Welcome to my Patreon!
My name's Lizzy (also known as Lizzy_Bunnn) and I'm an artist working towards drawing full time! I like to draw original characters and fanart of characters from a bunch of different games/shows/etc!

Why Patreon?
I'd like to get to the point where I can live fully off of my art, and in order to do so I've made a Patreon! This will be a place where I can really interact with my followers and get some more input on what they would like to see from me! With all of the different tiers that I have (and more to come!) I hope to bring the content I draw and more to those who enjoy my work enough to help support me on my journey to becoming a full time artist!

What you can expect
My patreon will have some different options available for supporting me, and the more activity I get on this page means that I will be able to give more and more content to you guys! I will be making patreon exclusive content starting at $1 a month, and even more available to those who use some of the higher tiers!

Thank you,
From the bottom of my heart! Any and all support is another step in helping me achieve my dream of becoming a full time artist and giving me the chance to branch out and try newer artistic things!
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