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About Lladro Cartel

Artist Bio
Based in Eatonville, Florida is the talented rapper and artist, Lladro Cartel who has been busy carving out a name for himself thanks to his unique lyrical flow and original rhymes. With such ease, he blends a variety of genres and influences to create his own signature style on every track he creates. From an early age he was immediately drawn into music, feeling a close connection and pull to the various flows and styles of rappers such as Slick Rick, 2Pac and Jay Z.
Lladro Cartel's voice carries a warm and golden sound, which makes him stand out in today’s modern music landscape. Every hook and line has a mesmerizing tone attached to it, which can be experienced in his most recent single, “Nutzo.”
Currently he has been focusing his time and energy into perfecting his signature sound which has been welcomed by many listeners from across the world. His eclectic and raw energy can be felt in tracks such as, “Back N the Days Freestyle” and “Candid Thoughts” where he showcases his skillset as a vocalist and rapper.
Lladro Cartel skillfully brings listeners into his own world through his masterful storytelling and composition techniques. The way he crafts such vivid stories and turns them into unforgettable rhymes and melodies is unlike anything else.
“To me music is life, eat and breathe it,” echoes Lladro Cartel as he discusses the importance and value of having music in his life day in and day out.             

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