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Giving me this much means you will always remain a awesome Patron!

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Giving me this much support means that i will play a game with you!(no skype hype:(   )If i have the time! right date too!

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Helping me with $25.00 really is special for me and i'll give you something for that in return I will let you skype me for 20 min. and i'll try to answer all your questions and find the right time ...

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This will help a ton!  By helping me and the channel this much i will try to use the money that you've given me and get a awesome webcam! Also save it up for some equipment for the milestone reward...

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This would be HUGE to me and you will get the same thing as a $30 reward(a letter sent to your door!) and i will send you a private tutorial on how i made my youtube icon if i can!  If i can't I wi...