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About LITHIUM720

My name in the real world is Justin, online I am referred to as "LITHIUM720". I like to build software, tools, and tinker with stuff.. I also like to ride motorcycles and play video games sometimes!

What is LobFile?
In summary, LobFile is a file sharing and hosting website supported by several uploading tools. You can make your own tool to upload and share files, or you can use one like ShareX.
Previously, this service was known as "Lithiio" for almost 6 years, but was renamed to "LobFile" in December 2021.

Here's an overview of what LobFile can do for you:
  • Host your files, with a dedicated and unique link to each one that never expires!
  • Use those links anywhere! On forums, instant messaging apps, on your website, etc.
  • View / delete files you've uploaded in the past.
  • View stats on your files.

Why LobFile?
There are several reasons why I originally created this service:
  1. LobFile isn't a profit-driven service, and never will be.
  2. Alternatives push you to use their "custom software". I didn't want to install a piece of proprietary software to simply share files. You can upload in any way you'd like.
  3. Existing services cover their site with ads and other content that isn't relevant, in an attempt to earn additional profit from page visits, ad clicks, referrals, and selling user data.
  4. Other services compress your files (often mangling the quality on images and video). Often times, those other services don't even let you disable this. LobFile doesn't modify your original files whatsoever, and aims to maintain the original integrity of them using SHA-256 digests. This is especially excellent for content creators such as those who specialize in graphic design, photography, and many other disciplines.
LobFile aggressively avoids all of these gripes and I have a fundamental goal to maintain this integrity.

Why should I support you?
If you use LobFile, your files have to get stored and have to be ready for access and delivery all the time, every day of the year, every second of every day. This high availability comes at a price. Additionally, the anti-malware tooling that keeps LobFile safe, the high availability backup and restore tools, and the development time that keep your files safe in nearly any circumstance can be very time consuming and expensive.
Pledging will directly help cover the associated costs of maintaining and developing the site.
However, even if you decide not to support me on this project, it will remain online. This project is a lovely part of my life, as I use it daily and I thoroughly enjoy working on it.

Ok, what do I get if I pledge?
Patrons get increased account limits for supporting the project. This happens automatically within 15 minutes after pledging if your Patreon E-Mail is the same one you use on LobFile!
Note: If your Patreon E-Mail is different than the one you used on LobFile you can change your E-Mail address on LobFile easily on the my-account page!

You'll also automatically get access to restore files you deleted from your account in the future (when I finish building the functionality, 2022 sometime).

Thanks for reading! :)

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