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Locals Lounge is a live interview and performance series whose mission is to connect audiences directly with the human beings behind Vancouver’s live music series. Founded in 2016, the show has become a trusted name within the music community and has established a core audience drawn from all corners of the city. Locals Lounge is exploring ways to virtually re-create its signature environment of intimate connection between artist and audience.

We're passionate about sharing local music with our audiences. We've set up this page as a way of staying connected with you, and to give you access to the incredible performances and compelling interviews we capture at every virtual event. Patrons will receive show highlights, notifications about upcoming events, and exclusive content delivered right to their inbox, among other perks.

Together, we can keep live music thriving and build social connections despite social distancing. Behind every song is a musician. Behind every musician is a story. Thank you for being a part of ours.
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