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Ravens are magnificent creatures!  Intelligent, curious, and adventurous.  Becoming a Raven gives you access to all the seeds and hatchlings that tumble from our beaks and talons.  These may include an assortment of creations, including (but never limited to): 
  • Rough sketches and design notes of projects we took further (or not) 
  • Black and white line art and other sketches
  • Basic story ideas or snippets of literary works in progress
  • Teaser stories that tie in to longer works
  • Photos, photo manipulations, and photo stories
  • Finished artwork in all the glorious colors of the universe
  • Comic one-shots
  • Finished stories of various lengths
  • Your name listed in the Raven Rookery Update
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Bears are loyal, wise, strong and cuddly!  Becoming a Bear gives you all the access benefits available to Ravens, with the addition of having your name listed on the monthly Bear Brigade Update as a strong supporter.
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Wolves are highly intelligent, cunning, protective, and super communicative!  They represent freedom and being in tune with your intuition.  They also love family and enjoy contributing to help others in the pack reach their full potential.  Becoming a wolf grants you all the access benefits available to Ravens and Bears with the addition of having your name listed on the monthly Wolf Pack Update as an integral supporter of the Pack.




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We are role-players, gamers, dreamers, writers, artists, makers, crafters, designers, friends to critters, and wanderers of the empty places.  We believe that little acts of kindness and creation help to make the world a better place.  We share our lives with five rescue furbabies (2 dogs and 3 cats) who are a constant source of both aggravation and inspiration.  We are currently in the process of cooperatively creating a veritable dragon's horde of artworks and stories that we will be posting for your enjoyment.  We also post more adult-themed art, stories, etc. over at Patreon.com/LockeNLoreDarker and one-time tips are appreciated and very welcome at ko-fi.com/lockenlore
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Silencing the Inner Critic

Much of the time there's a little voice inside our heads telling us that creativity must always take a backseat to practicality.  Reaching the goal of having 10 patrons who actively support our creative work will be a huge step in believing that our creations are worth all the time and effort we put into them and help us maintain our confidence and cheerful spirits are we forge ahead towards new artistic accomplishments.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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