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About Lofty Pursuits


You can try our first podcast for free here

When I wrote Lofty Pursuits mission statement it was simple, it was obvious, it was "We sell fun." Three words that have lead from 1993 to where we are now. 

Lofty Pursuits is a lot more than just candy making and, our candy making videos. We are a toy store with a soda fountain and a candy factory in the middle of it. The candy is special. It reaches past our walls to wherever you are. That's why we started making these videos. These are skills to be cherished, not hidden or lost.

We call our candy "Public Displays of Confection", and we share what we do with you the public, no matter if you are in our store, or around the world.

Much of our equipment dates back to the Victorian period. We use on a daily basis equipment that pre-dates the American Civil War. Some would call this equipment antique. I say it was designed to last.

A lot of mechanization has helped make our lives better. I could not communicate to you without the latest of technology, but at times something is lost ... or perhaps just mislaid, by speeding things up. Our nectar candy is a great example of something that is amazing, and that was just forgotten as our choices in food have diminished, from local specialties until there is often nothing left but national brands.

Lofty Pursuits is located in the center of a Venn diagram surrounded by history, technology and an experience I that is often hard to express in words. 

We don't limit ourselves to selling to one or two senses, but instead reach out to serve all five.

This is why we hope you support us with this virtual tip jar. Not just because you liked a video, but because you like the idea of a business that pulls from the past with our candy making, and our marching band (yes we have one of those too) 

Our staff works hard, they count on their tips for some of their income as candy makers. We see Patreon as a great way to get support, but also as an on-line tip jar so we can take our videos even further, and get you all more involved in what we do.

How it works

As a patron, you can pledge a dollar amount of your choice toward each video we make (about 1 or 2 videos per month). !

What your support does

Fist of all, you support the preservation of a very tasty bit of history, and candy makers who have been spending in some cases years mastering an almost lost art. You will support the restoration of vintage equipment, making sure it is there for another generation and you are supporting the overhead in producing more videos for YouTube.

We want to make better videos, we want to start  live streaming our candy making, and we will have some treats for those of you who support us.

Our goal is to make videos with more breadth that we do now. We are a part of Tallahassee, and our videos show it to some extent, but we plan to go further. One video we want to make this fall is where we will be going to a local farm from the 1890's where they still grow cane sugar and juice it using a mule powered device. We want to go step by step from growing, to candy.  We hope to go cane to candy this year and we know we can do it with your support.

Check out what we offer to our Patreons.
We are tying to use a PodCast level as a way to jumpstart a public podcast. 

Thank you so much. We’re passionate about what we do, and excited to bring you behind-the-scenes as we explore candy-making together!
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Generate a special code that Pateron customers can use when placing a candy order for a free bonus bag of assorted candy in each order. 
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