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About Logan Eats Better

I'm Logan, and I love food. I love food so much that I weighed over 450 pounds at one point. I might be a picky eater at times, but I know food. My wife is also an amazing cook in her own right, and I would put her creations up against restaurant offerings in a heartbeat. I also know words and writing; I graduated from UF with a bachelor's in journalism, and with that writing background propelling me, from UCF with a master's in public administration. In both of those fields, integrity and transparency are required to truly succeed.

Logan Eats Better is a positively focused restaurant reviewing page serving Gainesville, Florida, and its surrounding areas. When the local food scene had a vacuum in the food blogger and critic realm, I took on the duty of reviewing Gainesville restaurants in a fair, transparent, and honest manner myself. I didn't want to just mimic, though; the purpose is to be better, to make the entire Gainesville food scene better, and so, well... Logan Eats Better. It's also a double entendre that allows me to also review food in a way that can focus on the long, arduous journey of weight loss and healthier living.

In the early days of this blog, I made a promise: While I may accept money to finance a wider sampling of the dining options in and around Gainesville, I will never attach it to a guarantee of a positive review. I have spent a lifetime cultivating my word so that it means something, and I will not throw that reputation away to become a glorified advertising agency.

I love Gainesville and Alachua County, and I want as many people as possible within it to succeed. I am fascinated by communication, and food is one of our most primal ways of doing just that. I am a storyteller at heart, and I want to tell the story of north central Florida's food.
Thank you for supporting Logan Eats Better, Gainesville's newest wholesome food blog.

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