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basically I want to have a way for me to be able to gain a larger income than I have now, there’s a lot of things I want to do in my life and to have time for writing in depth essays and articles, it’d be good to have some financial compensation. and this is a skill I have. I produce a podcast every week with my best friend Greg and for other projects such as those, I’d need more regular free time in order to arrange anything with guests, watch the required material and to organise recordings. and since I’m in a long distance relationship, more money would be good for me to afford more regular trips overseas to see them. my condition (I’m autistic) means that a regular part time or full time job is too much to handle, especially on top of the fact that I’m a student, so this would really help me out. have a few series in mind, a favourite films project, a run through of certain filmographies etc. but mainly, this is so I can produce regular writing and share it with people who think I have a valuable voice. I don’t expect anyone to do this but if you do, I am forever grateful. 
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if we get to this somehow, it means that I’ll be able to not worry about seeing my partner, and will give me time to produce content on a regular basis. so if we make it here, I’ll start my 100 favourite films essay series as a thank you to every dollar that’s been put in. 
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