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Tip jar!

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This tier is my tip jar, thank you for supporting me. Tips help me to keep making free content. As reward, you get my eternal gratitude and love, and to see videos and illustr...


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Download cool content like wallpapers and colouring pages, all of it in high resolution. And you get access to Patrons-only content, such as work-in-progress collages, and con...


$10 /mo
Get free PDFs/ eBooks of my art and sketches in high quality. Also get your names credited in my works, on my website, videos, etc.
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Hang outs and discounts

$25 /mo

Get a monthly discount of 15% on all merchandise shop as long as you are in...

Art boxes, cards and ATCs

$50 /mo
Get a box of 20 5X5 polaroid style prints, Holiday cards and 2X3 artist trading cards every few months.
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